Let there be Rock…and…Date night – Pinball, Bar, KBBQ, G-d speed Malcolm

This is part II of my Gogi review. Man did we have a good time at this place. Funny, I look at myself rockin’ out as a middle aged man and eh, oh well, Metallica is correct, time marches on.

Anyway, Dina and I had a blast, this is are really fun local place that you gotta check out if you are in the valley. They play great music and it was awesome to hear AC/DC as Malcolm is on a lot of our minds that loved his work. Anyway, they have a couple of really old machines, it has been a long time, I was a big Black Knight fan. Asteroids would get a few quarters from me if they had it but all the games are fun. Makes me want to get back into it. I realize why my buddy Pete has a bunch of these in his basement. I almost bought one online while I was there, until Dina talked a little sense into me. 2 Thumbs up ‘cuz that’s all I got!

ps. R.I.P. Malcolm Young, you were a cornerstone of AC/DC and that will live on forever. You rocked the shit out of us and we salute you!