Let there be Rock…and…Date night – Pinball, Bar, KBBQ, G-d speed Malcolm

This is part II of my Gogi review. Man did we have a good time at this place. Funny, I look at myself rockin’ out as a middle aged man and eh, oh well, Metallica is correct, time marches on.

Anyway, Dina and I had a blast, this is are really fun local place that you gotta check out if you are in the valley. They play great music and it was awesome to hear AC/DC as Malcolm is on a lot of our minds that loved his work. Anyway, they have a couple of really old machines, it has been a long time, I was a big Black Knight fan. Asteroids would get a few quarters from me if they had it but all the games are fun. Makes me want to get back into it. I realize why my buddy Pete has a bunch of these in his basement. I almost bought one online while I was there, until Dina talked a little sense into me. 2 Thumbs up ‘cuz that’s all I got!

ps. R.I.P. Malcolm Young, you were a cornerstone of AC/DC and that will live on forever. You rocked the shit out of us and we salute you!

This is what it looks like when you enjoy your food

The video says it all. Dina suggested we go to an AYCE KBBQ joint called Gogi. 4 miles from the crib, get within a block and the smell draws you in. Big place, and they need it, because it is good. Ask for 1/2 orders of everything because there is so much good stuff you want to try it all. I digress, we walk in and there are a few pinball machines in the *out of place* foyer. I ain’t complainin’  I calls it how I sees it. Anyway, Dina didn’t like her parking spot, I asked if I could get a beer after checking in and they pointed me to the bar in the back. Go to the back and there is a pinball bar. I am head over heals with the place. Resonable, great food, impossible to walk away hungry. GET HERE! Gogi 7128 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818) 465-3050.

Our crazy Thanksgiving, uncooked bird to cooked bird in 80 minutes

So in the heat of cooking (pun intended) I purposely used a button on my oven I thought would keep my settings locked, instead, it is designed to keep children safe and not allow them to use the oven. Insert childish Vic comment here! Anyway, I had seen a post on a friends facebook page about something called Spatchocking and saw briefly that you can cook a bird quickly. Well, it worked as you can see from the video. This bird was excellent and cooked in 80 minutes saving Thanksgiving. Thanks Mary and whoever thought up spatchcocking.

Video-I used to be a Cheesepuff–This IS Punk Rock

So I found this band that I am really diggin’. The Coneheads, I have been searching for these guys so I can ask them if they mind me making a video with a couple of their songs. This is Violence and I used to be a Cheesepuff. I think it goes with drag racing, the Hellcat and choppy pictures masquerading as a video. Enjoy