This is what it looks like when you enjoy your food

The video says it all. Dina suggested we go to an AYCE KBBQ joint called Gogi. 4 miles from the crib, get within a block and the smell draws you in. Big place, and they need it, because it is good. Ask for 1/2 orders of everything because there is so much good stuff you want to try it all. I digress, we walk in and there are a few pinball machines in the *out of place* foyer. I ain’t complainin’  I calls it how I sees it. Anyway, Dina didn’t like her parking spot, I asked if I could get a beer after checking in and they pointed me to the bar in the back. Go to the back and there is a pinball bar. I am head over heals with the place. Resonable, great food, impossible to walk away hungry. GET HERE! Gogi 7128 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818) 465-3050.

The Start of Something BIG!

This is the beginning of the site starring, yours truly, BIG VIC.

Expect to see, my beautiful wife Dina, my awesome Dad Jose, silliness, LOTS of silliness and people wearing viking helmets. I love to drink good wine and spirits, eat good food and pop on a viking helmet at a moments notice. Here, it just happened!

Actually that was a few weeks ago at our pre-wedding anniversary dinner. Dina was thrilled, let the games begin.