Thai me up date night

So Dina found this place Sri Siam cafe in the beginning of the summer. We loved it and couldn’t find it for months HOWEVER lightening has struck and we are awaiting a feast.

Starting with a fresh young coconut with my fresh young coconut:

Some bbq chicken over egg noodles

And a ready for Halloween ride pot

Awesome dinner with my beautiful wife. Get here!

The Start of Something BIG!

This is the beginning of the site starring, yours truly, BIG VIC.

Expect to see, my beautiful wife Dina, my awesome Dad Jose, silliness, LOTS of silliness and people wearing viking helmets. I love to drink good wine and spirits, eat good food and pop on a viking helmet at a moments notice. Here, it just happened!

Actually that was a few weeks ago at our pre-wedding anniversary dinner. Dina was thrilled, let the games begin.